Clowning Around With Brooklyn’s Clowns

Clowning is serious business. The art of the clown has been around for centuries, and is ingrained on the public’s consciousness, young and old alike. The New York borough of Brooklyn is no exception.

Clowns make us laugh, they bring joy, and often have a range of talents besides, of course, being excellent clowns. Many clowns, aside from just being able to make balloon animals (no small feat in itself), can play musical instruments, sing, dance, and do all kinds of tricks.

We love clowns. We love to see the look of delight on a child’s face, as they giggle with glee, watching a clown cavort and frolic around. Everyone could use some more joy in their lives, and clowns are experts at that.

Clowns have been a part of Brooklyn’s landscape for decades. You won’t find any coulrophobia here (that’s a fear of clowns). With their colorful wigs and makeup, and festively colored garments, and that little something extra that makes them so special – clown magic, we delight in their presence.

Some people are under the mistaken assumption that being a clown is easy. It isn’t, not by a long run. In fact, did you know there are special schools you can go to to become a clown? Being a clown takes a great deal of talent and physicality. Clowns have to learn special ways to move their bodies, gymnastics and stretching, and this takes a lot of talent.

There are many different types of clowns that have existed through the ages. There is the harlequin, Rodeo clown, character clown, and numerous other types and genres such as the Hobo, the Tramp, and the Bum.

Clowns have been part of books and movies and artwork, in addition to being a fixture at many birthday parties. In Brooklyn, there are many clowns to choose from if you are having a birthday party or event.

But again, the best part of having a clown as part of your party or event is the joy they bring. A red nose here, a colorful wig there, and just the right knowledge of how to make people happy – that is what clowns are expert at.

We love to see children as they watch clowns and as they participate in the fun and games that clowns help play. Kids are often fascinated with clowns, and while some may be a little worried or put off at first, clowns are really good at putting them at ease and making them see that they are friendly and happy and fun.

It is so great to see children interacting with clowns. They smile, they laugh, and it is something special they will always remember and maybe want to request for a future birthday party as well.

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